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Of paramount importance

To use the gifts I have given is paramount in these days.
They will bring the breakthrough needed in these last days.
These gifts are not to be laid aside but used to benefit others –
For those who need healing, encouragement, new hope in their lives.
These gifts will bring the changes needed even in your own lives.
The gifts I have given are to be used to change the world around you.
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New life out of seeds and decrees.

Out of seeds – comes potential
great potential
Out of seeds – springs new life
life in different forms.
The beauty of a garden
Yet weeds and thorns and thistles
The beauty that surrounds us
Yet all the forms of evil.

My people, you all sow seeds every day
From the words you speak.
You can sow words of life wherever you go
Or you can contribute to the evil.
You can sow seeds of doubt and unbelief
Or seeds of faith and truth.
You can speak my Word which conquers death.
You can bring hope to a dying world.

Those of you who know and love me
And have me deep in your being –
You bear the fruit of my Spirit
And have grown as a beautiful tree.

Come my people, proclaim and decree
Change the world around you.
Declare my Word and you will see
New life spring up around you.