Old Treasure


The following words have been kept in print or shorthand for several decades. The words have lost no meaning, and are as relevant today as they were given to the Body of Christ many years ago.

As many of the old treasure words have no dates listed, all associated words from this pre-book time period will be listed in the month of April 2005 (and subsequent months), using a post a day format.

1. I am coming – I want you ready
2. Everything hidden will be revealed
3. I know the full plan for you
4. Trust in the days of the Bible
5. In time of war
6. I am speaking to My Church
7. A new way – A new day
*Book 1 uses the first seven words.

8. Rise up my people
9. There is a plan and a purpose and a destiny
10. Push back the powers of darkness
11. Occupy until I come
12. My people, do not speak words against my Bride
13. Move on, move on, move on my people
14. Listen to me – not to man or woman
15. There is a rising expectancy
16. That which will last is your relationship with me
17. To obey is better than sacrifice
18. Take time to listen
19. I am coming, I am coming
20. Those parts of the Body that seem less important
21. There are words I would speak
22. The land which has lain fallow
23. Take my hand
24. So often I give you a gift
25. Speak those things into being – I say
26. You are not to fear the future
27. You are living stones, my living stones
28. Trust me my people – trust trust trust
29. Trust me, says the Lord of Hosts
30. Arise and build
31. Truly my children, my heart is towards you
32. As you hold the torch up high
33. Are you as a piece of filigree
34. Always I would have you come
35. Awake, awake
36. As you seek to spend time alone with me
37. As the sun warms the earth
38. Always I have called my people to pray
39. It is a new thing I would do
40. You are being transformed
41. You will be
42. Don’t hang your harp on the willow tree
43. Do you have anything unresolved in the Body of Christ?
44. Do not speak words against my Bride
45. Do not plant at harvest-time
46. Don’t be afraid
47. Choose this day who you will serve
48. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might
49. There are ways of loosing my power
50. Be my garment
51. By my Spirit I draw
52. All things were created by Him
53. A spokesman I need
54. I have given you dominion over very circumstance
55. I have overcome the world
56. I say to you my people, Hear me! Hear me!
57. I have been preparing you
58. Hear my voice and hear it well
59. It is a new day
60. God scoops us up and says to us – I want to lift you higher
61. God would say to you this day
62. Father, you looked down upon your children
63. Flow in love, flow in love
64. I am the One who protects you
65. I am a covenant-keeping God
66. It is the time