A New Era

Collection of words after June 2014.

July 2014
I am the vine and you are the branches
Every morning, my mercies are new
This day I say to you – Come and come again!
Take my mercy and take my grace
Take heart my people, take heart
Rest in the knowledge of who you are in me.
See with me. See what I see!
Can two walk together
The symmetry in my Word is to be observed
There have been smouldering fires (Sri Lanka, Ps Shirani)
Resurrection power is in the words I speak
Bring your psalms

August 2014
A challenge for those of us of an older generation
Signs and wonders are more clearly seen
My heart-cry for Jerusalem
The words I give you bring New Life
That which I have put in your hand
There is a wellspring of knowledge
Put your hand in mine as I reach out
The gospel story is forever true
The message I bring is profound
Lift up your heads my people
My glory is in the midst of you

September 2014
My love and grace and mercy
My Holy Spirit is to be acknowledged
Revelation knowledge is to be brought forth
It is My revelation knowledge
I am the same yesterday, today and forever
I am your anchor
I am a supernatural God
Give to me your allegiance
Take the time to listen
Come my daughter! Come my son!

October 2014
Australia has been called
In my Word you can find my profile
The Awakenings that are named “4-Jesus”
You will need to come closer to me
Embrace what I am doing and flow with me
The life you live while on the earth
Your confidence is to be in Me
Let me hold you close to me
Seek my face, my people
The Word and the Spirit – they are ‘One’
It is to be recognised
The Awakening which I now bring
The glory I had with my Father
Know that the words that I have given

November 2014
There is something that is going to happen
It is for Me you are to glow
The peace that I give cannot be compared
The importance of resting
There is a much larger picture
Look at me and what do you see?
I have been given your land to heal
There will be a crescendo
There has to be more awareness
I desire my joy to be your strength
I am the One who loves you

December 2014
Come unto me all ye who labour
In my Word, my truth is seen
Humble yourselves my people
This day I say
Be aware of the time frame
Come now my daughter – come my son
Come my daughter, my son, and reflect
This my heart’s desire
It is for you to trust in Me

January 2015
Look to the hills
The words I speak cannot be compared
My love for you knows no bounds
There is a cloud of Glory
Prepare the way for the soon-coming King
The blood of my Son still heals and sets free
Speak to my people and tell them

February 2015
Restoration and revival will be seen and known
The beauty of Holiness radiates from within
It is a New Era
My blood is the strongest weapon in the Spirit
Keep on keeping on!
Intimate revelation for our land
A child cannot understand
Tell the heart of a matter
Deeper, deeper and deeper

March 2015
I am making shifts
There is now more recognition
The words I give you are profound
Hear what I am saying my people
There are gifts I have given to men
Lift up your arms my people
It is by My Spirit
Continue to bring life

April 2015
Surely, my judgements will come on the earth