My peace I leave with you


Book 3 is titled – My peace I leave with you. The words run from the 1st of June 2013 to the 31st of June 2014.

1. Know my deep love and take your place
2. Your faith has made you whole
3. Push back the powers of darkness
4. There is a new covenant I have made
5. Take hold and hold fast
6. Take note my daughter – my son!
7. I call to you my people!
8. The cloud of glory above the city
9. Come my people!
10. It is my fullness I desire to give
11. Catch the new season my people
12. Revival fire is in pockets
13. My people of Sri Lanka
14. Catch what I am doing
15. How I love my people!
16. Reach out your hand
17. My blood has paved the way
18. It must be understood my people
19. You were made to fit together
20. “Come” is the word I speak out to you
21. Take the words I give
22. Proclaim, my people! Speak out
23. This is the Day that I have made
24. Take my peace and take my love
25. Be strong in me now
26. Take a step forward
27. The consequences of not doing what I say
28. I delight in you my people
29. Take all the time you need
30. I am preparing the harvest
31. The blood of my son made history
32. Stand upon me, your rock
33. None of the words I speak are careless
34. Together – It is together
35. Grow in the knowledge and love of me
36. There is One Lord, One faith, One baptism
37. I love you, my daughter. I love you my son
38. I am preparing the harvest
39. Take hold of my hand
40. It is a new day my people!
41. You can enter into a dimension
42. Take hold of all the promises for you
43. The cloud of glory contains my fullness
44. Take hold of all I am giving you
45. The city is my city!
46. Come in your full regalia
47. My people, you are to be like me
48. Look out and what do you see?
49. It is time for you to reflect
50. You are being prepared
51. Dovetail together now
52. I reach out my sceptre towards you
53. A refining fire is coming
54. Do not be discouraged
55. Keep on learning – Keep on growing
56. Proclaim! Proclaim! – And proclaim again!
57. Perth 4 Jesus
58. There are hidden truths in my Word
59. Take and eat that you might be filled
60. There is nothing I would withhold from you
61. Come and reach out
62. Come and be with me – I wait for you
63. When I came to earth
64. I see the hearts of my people
65. Take hold as I reach out to you
66. It is my healing love
67. Come my daughter! Come my son!
68. Move I say. My daughter – My son!
69. This is a year of breakthrough
70. I gave my life for you
71. Words spoken against my Body
72. I give to you my loving care
73. Step into my presence
74. Take heed my people, take heed
75. The destiny of my sons and daughters
76. Consider my daughter and consider well
77. It is in verse form
78. Arise! Shine! The light has come
79. Behold! All things have become new
80. As you remember your nation
81. Do not allow yourself to be swept along
82. My people, my people, you too are preparing the way”
83. The signs and wonders are done
84. A house divided against itself cannot stand
85. Ascribe greatness to our God the Rock
86. The time truly now is short
87. There is a way like no other way
88. Each day is to be remembered
89. Where is your focus?
90. Integrity is a key
91. I harden whom I harden
92. Take time my daughter, my son
93. I reveal myself in different ways
94. Take hold strongly of all I have given you
95. I look at my people
96. Lift up your heads and look
97. My truth stays – It remains
98. Are you firmly plugged in
99. By wisdom a house is built
100. Deeper, Higher, Wider
101. I keep leading you into all truth
102. Do you have something on a “shelf”
103. Enter into my rest, my people
104. You have many attributes
105. Technology is to be a servant
106. Come! I say again – Come!
107. It is a significant time
108. Consider the sun, the moon
109. Enter into my rest and abide
110. Flow with my Spirit – Flow – flow – flow!
111. There are many hindrances
112. There has to be a joining together
113. I long to communicate to many
114. My blessings are transferable
115. The peace that I give is hard to describe
116. There are some who are called to teach
117. Blessed are the peacemakers
118. The fire that I bring does burn up the dross
119. Solidarity is what I need
120. The truth is to be expounded
121. The words I give may be similar
122. Some people look but do not see
123. There has to be an awakening
124. ‘Favouring’ is what I desire
125. Victory we have in Jesus Christ
126. I communicate to you in different ways
127. My peace I leave with you
128. Take heart my people, take heart
129. Where I am, there you will be also
130. I have for you much more
131. If my people who are called by my Name
132. There are words that have to be heard
133. Where you have been placed is important
134. Keep on learning
135. It is the “now” I want to address
136. Each of my people function differently
137. Proclaim health and wholeness
138. I bring into being those things
139. My love is the deepest thing
140. Lift up your heads
141. You are a warrior with words
142. There has to be a progression
143. Simplify your lives my people
144. Take my hand and come with me
145. Prophesy wherever you go
146. This sickness is not unto death
147. The covenant I have made cannot be broken by Me
148. Abide in me
149. Take hold of what I give you
150. The words I give you are to be spoken far and wide