Catch the new season my people

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Book 2 is titled – Catch the new season my people. The words run from June 1st 2012 to May 31st 2013, broken into four seasons.

Season 1 June, July, August 2012

Catch the new season_inside1-page-0011. O The blood of Jesus
2. Rejoice! Rejoice! – And again I say Rejoice
3. In everything there is a season
4. He is Lord!
5. Enter into my rest
6. The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord
7. Occupy until I come
8. They overcame “By the blood of the lamb….”
9. This is a new season
10.The light of the world
11. It is with fervent desire
12. My blood has never lost its power
13. You are my beloved
14. The spirit of worship
15. My heart reaches out in love
16. He is Lord
17. The Lord is my light and my salvation
18. Catch the new season!
19. There are seasons in the spirit
20. Unity in my plan and purpose
21. Come as “one” to worship
22. Come now, Come deeper into me
23. Praise, my son! Praise, my daughter!
24. Be healed and whole for me
25. Catch the time and the season
26. Catch the fire of the Holy Spirit
27. Trust me! Know who I am
28. A fervent desire
29. The end of a season

Season 2 September, October, November 2012

Catch the new season_inside2-page-00130. My glory to be seen
31. Recognise my deep love for you
32. Rivers of living water
33. My peace I leave with you
34. Stand on me, your rock
35. Give to me your preferences
36. Perth 4 Jesus – The 2012 challenge
37. Be for me, my ‘formidable’ ones
38. You each have a role to play
39. It is time now for you to make a stand!
40. My grace is always enough
41. O Israel
42. The last will be first
43. Enter in, my people!
44. The beat of my heart is strong and true
45. It is the time now to be more aware
46. The Holy Spirit deep within, sings
47. The blood of Jesus never fails
48. Meditate, my people
49. Pass on my peace
50. Never need you be concerned
51. Trust in the Lord with all your heart
52. Lift your heads up my people
53. My love outweighs my hatred
54. Know that my Holy Spirit is moving
55. This is the day that the Lord has made

Season 3 December, January, February 2013

Catch the new season_inside3-page-00156. The blood of my Son was given for all
57. Unless you honour the blood of my Son
58. Just as a dive from a springboard
59. I cannot emphasise enough
60. The Father sees my blood
61. My blood was given that you might live
62. Enter in my people!
63. Whatever season you are in right now
64. Do not allow yourself to be robbed of my joy
65. “And man shall live forever more because of Christmas Day”
66. Let the king of glory enter in!
67. Just as in the beginning
68. The seasons in your life
69. You are trees of righteousness
70. Awake and arise my children!
71. It is with the Holy Spirit and fire
72. This day I say – Watch the words you say
73. Every facet in your lives I see
74. The blood of my Son will never fail you
75. “My time has not yet come.”
76. Enter in! Enter in!
77. The Word and the Spirit – We are “one”
78. It’s the blood – It’s the blood
79. True wisdom is to be desired
80. I see your potential
81. How can you not know of my deep love for you?
82. The Spirit of the Lord upon you
83. Deep calls to deep, my people
84. Do you have unfinished business?
85. Amazing love!
86. My Father always encouraged me.
87. I am a supernatural God.
88. Your words are lethal
89. The blood, the fire and the glory
90. The love I have for my people
91. Be as a bow and arrow for me
92. Regardless of the season you’re in
93. Hear me now, my people!
94. This day is to be a “new day” in your life
95. Do not relate to people only in the role
96. Proclaim my plan and purpose
97. Take hold of what I hold out to you
98. Come my people – Follow me!
99. This is the season for you to bear fruit
100. Take hold of the words I give
101. Be in the moment

Season 4 March, April, May 2013.

Catch the new season_inside4-page-001102. Kindness leads to repentance
103. I am not a God of rules and regulations
104. My daughter, my daughter! My son, my son!
105. O Lord you are beautiful!
106. It is the time for fruit on the vine
107. Whether winter, summer, autumn or spring
108. I will make a way
109. Peace I leave with you
110. All over the world, the Spirit is moving
111. The heavens declare my glory
112. How can you doubt my love for you?
113. Keep on my people!
114. My heart now is beating fast
115. The season of Easter
116. This is the season of my fire and my glory
117. Good Friday
118. I am moving in your city
119. Catch the new season, my people!
120. The blood of Jesus will protect you
121. My people, it is time for you to understand
122. My power is within you
123. Continually take the words that I give
124. Impart my love!
125. Take now those things I hold out to you
126. It is with the Holy Spirit and with fire
127. Where there is no unbelief
128. Sometimes, my people, you ask amiss
129. Pray my Word, my people
130. It is now the time to more earnestly prepare
131. The new wine is in the cluster
132. It is only by my Spirit
133. Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing
134. Share with others what I give to you
135. Speak to me, my daughter – my son!
136. Every season in your life
137. I cry out to you my people!
138. I am the Lord your God
139. There is a way like no other way
140. Collaboration is what is required
141. Bless the Lord O my soul!
142. Trust me to bring into being
143. It is with the zeal of the Lord of Hosts
144. Time now is running out
145. Come! I say to you – Come!
146. Deeper, deeper! Higher, higher! – and wide
147. Step up and step out!
148. I am the Alpha and the Omega
149. It’s the blood of the lamb!