My love is the greatest force in the universe

My Love-page-001

Book 1 is titled – My love is the greatest force in the universe. The words run from August 2006 and the final word ending on the month of May 2012, broken into three parts. Several words pre-date 2006 under the ‘old treasure’ label and are included in this book.

Part 1

1. The love that I give cannot be compared
2. I am coming – I want you ready – Listen to what I say!
3. Everything hidden will be revealed
4. I know the full plan for you
5. Trust in the days of the Bible
6. In time of war
7. I am speaking to My Church
8. Strengthen those feeble knees
9. There is a plan and a purpose
10. The Spirit and the Word
11. I am the one who knows you
12. Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!
13. To pray and care for my people of Israel
14. The heart-cry of the Father
15. There is a fullness I would have you know
16. The time has come in your life
17. The hour is coming
18. Not to miss out
19. Trust Me
20. I love you my people
21. Soon I will no longer strive
22. The God of our fathers speaks today
23. My heart is heavy for my people
24. Impart my glory
25. I am revealing my glory
26. Revelation Knowledge
27. Cloud of Glory (For Perth)
28. Relax in me! Relax in me!
29. Rejoice with me! Dance with me!
30. Urgent Words
31. Pass on my words
32. Embrace the new
33. Fragrance of the Lord
34. New Year expectation
35. Find your place
36. O how I love my people
37. Awake! Awake! Australia
38. Step into the realm of the Spirit
39. A word concerning Albany
40. First love
41. Prophetic word for God’s people in Albany
42. Specific words are to be heard
43. Complete in Jesus Christ
44. It’s my blood
45. A mighty rushing wind
46. A Call to women – Everywhere
47. Come follow me
48. My warrior bride
49. Pick up your weapons my people
50. Where are the Generals?
51. In Heaven, there is a Council
52. My feasts – Very important
53. Put me in remembrance
54. There is a Choice that has to be made
55. A new commandment I give unto you
56. Honour the gifts I have given
57. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus

Part 2

58. This is a day of new beginnings
59. Trust me – Trust me implicitly
60. Every circumstance I see
61. There are windows of opportunity
62. All my people have value
63. My love still flows towards you
64. Beware of those extra yokes
65. When the dark clouds are looming
66. Align yourselves, my people
67. The gifts I have given will make room for you
68. I am the Light of the world
69. My people are beautiful
70. Look at My Son – The brightness of My Glory
71. All the heavens declare My Glory
72. You have come to a place
73. Come, my daughter! Come, my son!
74. Know that I am preparing the way
75. Come with me now
76. My love is greater than any other force
77. My Bride, I am coming!
78. Always I desire you to be strong in me
79. Come, My People
80. You have been entrusted now with a Special Seed
81. I speak into your potential
82. The depth of my love needs to be known
83. Guard your territory
84. The rights of my children are to be recognised
85. The pull of the world is increasing
86. Charted Waters
87. The Spirit of unbelief pervades your land
88. Cherish my light and my glory
89. I do not slumber nor sleep
90. Man shall not live on bread alone
91. Speak out! Speak out my words!
92. A new way – A new day
93. The blood of my Son is your firewall
94. Respond to me! I love your nation
95. Take only my yoke upon you
96. Keep seeking true knowledge
97. Be ready my daughter! Be ready my son!
98. Take care of my temple, my people
99. Stride with me!
100. Come now, Come with me – Move with me!
101. Your inheritance is vast and wide
102. Pick up your baton and take your nation!
103. Come my people – Come! Come my lovely one
104. Once more I say “Come!”
105. Jesus is coming – – He’s coming again!
106. The Holy Spirit points to Jesus
107. The words I give feed the soul
108. Lift up your arms, my people!
109. I see my Body as a jewel
110. Whatever you do – Whatever you say
111. Take hold of my hand – I made and formed you
112. Come together now and be as “one”
113. For us to walk circumspectly
114. Walk humbly before your God
115. I am the Word
116. Trust me as never before
117. Together you are in me
118. Over and over and over again
119. It is by my grace
120. My Holy Spirit is strategically moving
121. My joy – A light to the world
122. Be as a symphony for me
123. The Lord thy God in the midst of thee, is mighty
124. My agenda

Part 3

125. My love is the greatest force in the world
126. A clarion cry to action!
127. My love knows no bounds
128. Do not fear
129. Come and be strong in me
130. Be filled with all my fullness
131. Come now and be what I have called you to be
132. Come to me – Talk to me!
133. My Father has answered my prayer for you
134. My love is a love like no other
135. Perth4Jesus – A platform for me
136. “NIB Stadium” Not by chance for Perth4Jesus
137. Rejoice my people! Rejoice!
138. Take heed of the words I say
139. My grace poured out
140. Come now and integrate
141. New life out of seeds and decrees
142. An unprecedented time and season!
143. Come and be close to me!
144. Allow me to be glorified in and through you
145. There is a way like no other way
146. A pivotal time on your calendar
147. Know that there has been a shift
148. The love I have for the Father
149. Stop and look my people!
150. Just take hold of my hand
151. Always my heart for you
152. Do not fear to enter in
153. Trust me now – Trust me
154. Be still and know that I am God
155. Who do you say that I am?
156. Look forward now – Look forward!
157. There is a covenant that has been made
158. I came to earth and became a child
159. Take what I hold out to you
160. The days are fast approaching (For 2012)
161. To be baptised in The Holy Spirit and with fire
162. There is no other Name under heaven
163. My daughter, come! – My son, come!
164. There are some things that are to be forgotten
165. It is by my Spirit I move
166. The love that I give cannot be compared
167. Take what I give you and use it well
168. You are seated in the heavenlies with me
169. Enter in my daughter – Enter in my son!
170. Move my daughter! Move my son!
171. To some I have given the gift of faith
172. Take the time to be with just and only me
173. Blessings follow obedience
174. Sri Lanka (For Daughters of Destiny)
175. My Fruit
176. My Tonga
177. This is my nation (For Australia)
178. Meticulous is what I would have you be
179. My love will melt the hearts of kings
180. Behold! It is a new day!
181. Of paramount importance
182. Encourage one another in their gifts
183. Perth
184. Even in your everyday tasks such as shopping
185. Touch the hem of my garment
186. In my fullness
187. A weapon of war
188. Reflective Glory
189. From glory to glory
190. The qualities in my son
191. Come, my children, gather
192. There is now an expectancy
193. Tonga4Jesus is a platform for me
194. The 4 Jesus awakenings
195. My words through my people
196. I am still speaking to you by my son
197. Trust in the lord with all your heart
198. The Word of God is living and powerful
199. Ask and it will be given to you
200. Bless the Lord O my soul
201. It is no longer I who live
202. My peace I leave with you
203. Be anxious for nothing
204. Bless the Lord and forget not all his benefits