The poetic words on this website are presented mainly
for the edification of Christian people far and wide.
I believe the words which come primarily addressed
to “my people” have been given from the loving heart
of God, our heavenly Father – and it is to Him alone I
give all praise, glory, honour and thanks.

He has stated that He is the Author and I am the
custodian, which I consider to be an amazing privilege
and honour.

When these “words” are spoken out and heard, as well
as being read, you will be challenged and encouraged
even more – new life and faith imparted, with revelation
knowledge and wisdom. “Death and life are in the
power of the tongue” (Prov.18:21)
Irene Cooper


These words are only to be reproduced as they have
been given.
Any copying done must be only as a complete poetic
document and not taken out of context of the whole
Any misquotation must be avoided where possible.
It is acknowledged that these words contain only
part of the fullness of Truth contained in the Word
of God.