People continually come and look and see

People continually come and look and see
That period of my life when I was on earth
Found in my Word.
It is the reference point by which you can live
On the earth today.
Yet I was there throughout all the scriptures
Beginning with Genesis, the first book –
And the effect of my ministry on the earth
Followed through by my disciples,
My apostles and prophets, even until this day.

For those of you who have been born of my Spirit,
I would have you know me more deeply now
Than you have ever done before –
For as the resurrected Christ, you are now seated with me
In the heavenly places, and you have been placed
Together here in me. (Eph.2:4-6)
In the Spirit realm, you are here with me
Though you are still living in the world.
It is from this perspective I would have you come
And look and see what I am doing on the earth today.
Allow me to use you for my glory
Until I call you home.
Just as I have prepared a place for you,
I desire you to prepare the hearts of my people
For they need to be ready for me.
Keep loving the unlovable and each other
That the world will see and be drawn to me.

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