I have given you all that you need

I have given you all that you need
To function well for my glory.
It is for you to flow with my Spirit
Day by day – day by day.
My Holy Spirit will lead and guide you
Into my fullness of Truth.
My revelation knowledge and wisdom will become clearer
As you continually seek my face.
My will for you is often not what you desire.
Old habits are hard for you to break;
Yet I desire for you to step into the new
That I have for you.
Always there is to be progression –
From glory to glory I desire to change you
Deeper and higher into who I Am.
I am Christ in you the hope of glory.
My glory is already deep within you.
It is to permeate every part of your being.

You have been redeemed
By the blood of my Son –
Washed clean and set apart
That you each may reveal my glory.
Allow my glory to flow through every part of your being
That I might be revealed to a dying world.
My Kingdom is not of this world.
Bring and impart my new life wherever you go –
All for my glory and my glory alone.

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