Trust me – I know what I am doing

Trust me – I know what I am doing
In the City of Perth.
I look down and I see the divisions.
I see those different mind-sets.
There are deep presumptive sins my people.
There are spirits assigned to every division.

There are Generals in my Army who will heed my strategy.
To them I am revealing more of myself
And my heart’s desires.
Principalities and powers of darkness
Are more and more being threatened
For they are using the weapons of war they have been given
And they are using my authority.
The power in my blood will be known more and more,
The evidence clearly seen.
Rest assured my Holy Spirit is moving –
He is moving behind the scenes.
The stage is set –
Play your part in showing
That the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed
The Lord of all Lords – King of all Kings –
And He reigns over the City of Perth.

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