Heal with my love, my daughter, my son.

Heal with my love, my daughter, my son.
My loving-kindness leads to repentance.
My love will never fail you.
Lift up your eyes my people –
From where does your help come?
It comes from the Lord
The Maker of heaven and earth.
Love yourselves first of all –
Allow my love to permeate your being.
I so loved you I gave my Son,
My only Son – my only “begotten” Son,
A very part of myself.
He chose to be the perfect blood sacrifice
That you might be set free –
Free of guilt and shame, and sorrow and grief
And enter into a new life with Him and me.

So many of you know these things
But are you passing on all that you have received
With my love –
Healing people and setting them free?
I love you with an everlasting love.
Stay close to me
That you might hear my direction for your life
Day by day, morning by morning
And with my love and my Holy Spirit
You will help others have clear direction
For you will prophesy words from my heart
With my power and love -,
You will bring into being
Those things which do not now exist
Because of my creative power –
Bring in the changes needed.
You have been given my power and authority.
The blood of my Son has never lost its power.

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