This is indeed a day made by the Lord.

This is indeed a day made by the Lord.
Rejoice and be glad in it my people.
Each day my mercies are new.
Each day my revelations are new.
Be expectant my people.
Each day I desire to impart to you
More knowledge and wisdom.

Rejoice and be glad
I have brought you to this time and age.
My Holy Spirit and my Word
Will continue to reveal to you my plan and purpose
For you, each individually and corporately –
Day by day.
Your focus is to be on me,
Your Lord of all lords and your King of all kings,
And your great High Priest,
Who made atonement for all your sin
On the altar of sacrifice.
My blood was not shed in vain my people.
You are now all washed clean.
Walk in your newness of life with head held high
Sometimes even ‘walking and leaping and praising’ me.
For indeed my people, you have been set free –
Free to be all I have called you to be.
Stay very close to me, each one.
Let me envelop you with my love –
Deep and everlasting.
My grace will always be sufficient for you.

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