Can you hear my people?

Can you hear my people?
Can you truly hear?
Can you distinguish between the voices you hear?
Learn to listen to my voice, so clear.
Take the time to listen
And be attuned to only my voice.
My Holy Spirit is the One on the earth
Who represents me
In all He does and all He says,
He glorifies me.
He is there to lead and guide you,
Through my words, into all truth.
The fullness of truth can be found in Him
And through Him,
For we are as One, Father, Spirit, Son.
We bear witness of one another
In heaven and on the earth.
The voices you hear can be deceptive.
Be aware – be very aware –
You have been born again of my Spirit –
You have been made righteous
Because of the blood of my Son.
Do not take the new life you have in Him
For granted.
Stay close to me
That I may even whisper in your ear
My plans and purposes for your life.
You have been chosen for such a time as this.
Do not be deceived.
My voice is clear throughout my Word
And through my Holy Spirit.
Rejoice in knowing who you are in me
And who I Am in you.
Stay loving one another
So that my glory will be seen
And my Glory will be known
Through you, my very own.

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