Reach out my people! Reach out!

Reach out my people! Reach out!
Reach out to me and to other people.
Reach out and receive all I have for you
And reach out to others meeting their need.
As you reach out to me with both hands,
Looking to me, your Spring of Life,
All other things must be let go –
The past must go.
All things have become new for you.
It is a new day –
My mercies are new every morning.
This day I say:
Reach out to me and receive –
Help others to believe and receive.
Be filled with my Spirit again and again.
Be filled to overflowing.
My Holy Spirit is drawing both men and women
And also children, to come to know me.
I have been preparing hearts –
I am working behind the scenes.
Be willing to come into my harvest field.
I am now reaching out to you
And calling out your name – to come.
Come into the harvest field with me –
My Holy Spirit says “Come!”

It is the time to do exploits –
To show just who I Am.
My miraculous power is to be revealed
Where you are
And where you go
More than ever before –
In this day and age.
Through you my people –

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