My truth always will prevail

My truth always will prevail
No matter what the human eye sees.
I am the One who sees the heart –
The heart of man
And the heart of a matter.
Nothing is hidden from my sight;
And I desire that you look now
Through your spiritual eyes.
You have become new creatures in Christ,
My Anointed One –
My beloved Son.

Do not be deceived my people –
What you see with your human eyes
May not be fullness of truth.
Seek my face – Yes, seek my face
More earnestly than ever before.
My truth always will prevail.
My Word stands in fullness of truth.
Do not enter into presumptive sin
And be guilty of great transgression.
Stay attuned to my Holy Spirit.
He hears my heartbeat and the desires of my heart.
Speak out my Word and proclaim my truth.
Bring your life and others into my alignment.
My Word will forever be fullness of truth.

Ps.19: 12-14

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