My Holy Spirit can enlighten you

My Holy Spirit can enlighten you
And give you clear direction.
He hears my heart
And knows what is best for you.
There may be many who see your plight
And desire to counsel you.
Listen and discern, my people.
Be aware of the enemy’s strategy.
He desires to lead you away from the path
That I have chosen for you.
Yet my Holy Spirit speaks through many
Of my chosen ones.
Keep discerning and grow in my wisdom.
Continue to seek my face.
You will know when to move, should that be the case,
But for many of you, you are to hold your place,
Occupying until I come.
My Holy Spirit is to be your guide
In the valleys as well as the hills.
He will hold you firm in your highs and lows
And hold you close to my heart.

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