Unbelief is as witchcraft.

Unbelief is as witchcraft.
Only believe – Only believe!
With God all things are possible –
Only believe!
The words of Jesus were to be believed –
And many followed Him.
Yet, even some of his disciples doubted
And found some things hard to believe –
Though they saw his miracles and his life
And in Him they had found new life.

My people, He was born of my Spirit
And revealed to you my love.
The words He spoke were full of my truth –
He had been a part of me,
Yet became flesh and dwelt among you.
He learned to know my heart and mind,
Doing only what he saw me doing.
You are still able to learn from his life
And his words.

My Holy Spirit is now on the earth –
To lead, to teach, to train with our love.
Only believe – yes, only believe!
You were created in our image.
Partner with my Holy Spirit
Who is drawing men to Me.
Bring my Kingdom from heaven to earth.
Believe my people – believe!

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