Focus on my Son.

Focus on my Son.
Live your lives every day
Bringing glory to my Son.
Ignite the world around you.
Once you have received my revival fire,
As you seek the face of my Son,
Focusing on Him,
You will come to know His revival power
Living deep within.

My people, it is not the works you do.
It is resting in Him, knowing what He has done,
When you will ignite others around you
To press on more into Him.
You are to live in the realm of His glory
In your every-day walk of life ā€“
Honouring those in authority
That I have placed in your life,
Showing deference one to another.
You each have different gifts ā€“
It is the way I have made you my people.
Use the gifts you have been given
To bring honour to our Name.

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