Deeper and deeper – Higher and wider

Deeper and deeper – Higher and wider
I would have you come into the realm of my Spirit –
Into my glory realm.
You are still involved in earthly pursuits
Which sometimes grieves my heart
For unless you are guided by my Holy Spirit
Your efforts are futile and there is a waste of time and effort.

My people, my people, listen and hear
That which is helpful for your every-day walk
In the Spirit with me.
I desire you to walk in the wisdom of my Word
As well as the knowledge contained in my Word.

My people, look and see –
For often you look but do not truly see.
I would have you see in the Spirit.
Take the time to meditate in my Word.
Picture for yourself that which I am showing you.
Seek to know my mind and heart.
Move and love with my compassion.
You have been born into my Kingdom.
Live now in my Kingdom,
Bringing my Kingdom of Heaven into your world
Day by day.
You are pushing back the powers of darkness
Wherever you go
By bringing with you my very presence.
It is my glory which I desire to be clearly seen.

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