My timing is always right

My timing is always right –
Always! – Always! – Always!

In every delay there is a plan and a purpose
Which may not easily be perceived,
But as you progress in the school of my Spirit,
You will more clearly see.
My ways are truly higher than your ways
And my thoughts than your thoughts,
Yet more and more you are being given
My revelation knowledge
As well as my wisdom and understanding.
My Holy Spirit is teaching you;
It is for you to take the time to listen and hear
Amongst the busy things of your life.

My timing is always right.
Always! – Always! – Always! –
And all things do work together for good
For those who love me and are called
According to my purpose.
Respond to the teachings of my Holy Spirit
And grow in the Spirit of wisdom and revelation
In the knowledge of me.
I am to be glorified in you.
My glory will be seen
And my glory will be known
Throughout the whole earth.


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