Take the time to come into my presence

Take the time to come into my presence
I wait and wait and wait for you.
The things of the world vie for your attention.
Do not succumb to them.

Come into my presence my people –
Choose to enter in.
Enter in with expectancy –
With faith in who I Am.
Enter in with joy in your heart,
Knowing it is my joy which is your strength.
Your needs may be great,
Yet put those thoughts aside –
Take the time to worship only me.
Turn aside from all that is worshiped in the world.
Many things are there for you to admire and enjoy;
In all things seek my face.
You are in the world but not of the world.
“The Kingdom of God” is now within you.
All the fullness of the Godhead bodily is in my Son
Who lives now within you.
Push back the lure of the enemy of your souls
With my written Word:
“You shall worship the Lord your God
And Him alone shall you serve.”

(Matt.4:10 & Deut.6:13)

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