Learn from each encounter –

Learn from each encounter –
The people I bring across your path.
Be more aware as you interact.
There is a cry in every heart.
My Holy Spirit is drawing
More and more people to me.
It is now a day of tragedy and strife –
I am the answer to the cry of their heart.

Truly, I say to you
The encounters you have are not by coincidence.
Be more attuned to my Spirit my people.
It may be you are to sow seeds of faith
Or to water and nurture where others have sown.
My Holy Spirit is moving now
In unprecedented ways.
Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever
Yet is only the Father who knows the time
When I will quickly return –
‘In the twinkling of an eye’.

Be prepared my people.
Stay filled with my Spirit and be ready,
Staying attuned to my Spirit with every encounter
Along your pathway.

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