Consider once more

Consider once more –

It is true you are to come as children before me,
Yet you are to become mature
And to grow in knowledge and wisdom,
Imparting to others the revelation you receive
Through spending time in my presence
And growing in wisdom and also understanding
Through my Spirit and my Word.

My people, I long for you to spend more time with me.
It is in my presence you will grow into my likeness.
The fruit of my Holy Spirit is to be clearly seen in you
As well as the gifts you have received –
My love, joy and peace, in particular,
To be evident in your every-day walk.

Be strong now my people –
Be very strong in me.
There is a networking now among my people
And this will become more and more evident
In these last days before my return.
There is a plan and a purpose as you are connected
To others in my Body.
I am the Head of my Body on the earth today
And you each play an important part.
Bring your questions before me
And I will answer and guide you into your destiny.

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