Attend to my words – Know they are true.

Attend to my words – Know they are true.
They will reveal my purpose for you.
They will not return to me
Without accomplishing their purpose.

It is to you my people, I speak.
Allow my Word to be planted
Deep into your soul and spirit,
And nurture yourselves in my Word.
Make sure you are planted in good soil.
I am in you and you are in me.
Drink deeply and eat well –
Flourish for my glory.

My people, my people, you are to grow
And be strong.
Live in the victory I have already won.
Catch and pass on the fire of my Holy Spirit.
It is an all-consuming fire.
Be filled to overflowing with my Spirit,
Passing on the baton of my love for all mankind.

This is the day I have made.
Rejoice and be glad in it! –
For you are my overcoming ones.
By the blood of my Son and the word of your testimony,
Take your place and do not be moved –
Yet when I say ‘Go!’ my people,
“To obey is better than sacrifice.”

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