I say to you, my very own

I say to you, my very own –
Those who continue to stay very close to my side:
As you continue to fight the good fight of faith,
Use the weapons of war you have been given.
I do desire you to rest in me – To rest in knowing
All that I accomplished for you on that cross at Calvary,
But at this time now, be aware
That the enemy of your souls
Looks for any weakness in your armour
That he might rob, steal and destroy
All those who have received their new life in Christ my Son.

Without faith, it is impossible to please me
Stay strong in me and in the power of my might.
Keep loving with my love –
Forgive, love and bless all who have ever hurt or offended you,
So that the enemy has no foot-hold in your life –
So there will no cracks in your armour.
You are now a light in the darkness of the world.
You are salt and light.
Allow me to use you in whatever way I will –
All for my glory,
And my glory alone.

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