The ways of the world will entrap you

The ways of the world will entrap you.
Keep your eyes fixed on all that is clean.
Deception is always there waiting at the door.
My people, in the days in which you now live,
The changes have been dramatic.
The standards and values now in the world
Have so declined,
That there is an acceptance of even my own people
Of that which is evil in my sight.
Do not take these words lightly.
The truth that lies in the spirit of my Word
Cannot be shaken off by man –
By man’s reasoning or technology.
It is only my truth that will stand.
Do not be deceived my people.
Keep your eyes upon my beloved Son.
Seek His face.
Turn from every other way than His way.
He truly has been, is, and will always be
The same yesterday, today and forever.
Jesus Christ, the Word, who became flesh
And dwelt among you.
His blood has given you new life.
In His blood lies the new covenant
With you my people.
All that is pure and holy is found in Him
And His power, resurrection power
Now resides in you –
Because you are now in Him and He is in you.
Use it wisely, imparting my love wherever you go
In faith. –“Anything not of faith is sin.”

Thank you for your grace and mercy
My Lord and my God –
And especially your amazing love
For me, and for all mankind.


Addendum 30th June, 2016.

Overwhelmed by God’s Love.

May your love, peace and joy
Flood our hearts and our souls
And we recognise
You have the whole world in your hands.
The earth is your footstool.
Your love is the greatest force in the universe.
You are the creator of all things.
How can we not love you and serve you –
Honour and praise you?

We give all glory and honour and praise to you
As we move on – – –
Into the 7th month of the year,
Trusting in the One who understands the days
In which we live
And the One who understands every circumstance
That is happening in our lives –
Every hour, every day – every minute.
He is the only One in whom we can trust implicitly
In our lives –
And He is the only One who so loves us
He works everything for our good.
All glory and praise to Him!

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