Adhere to my teachings

Adhere to my teachings –
Adhere to my way.
It truly is the only way to the fullness of life.
Without me, nothing was made that was made.
I was there in the beginning.
I am the living Word.
I was made flesh and dwelt among you
Teaching you the will of the Father for your life –
Your heavenly Father –
And my Holy Spirit now leads and guides you
In the ways of our Kingdom.

My people, do not be discouraged
And do not fear.
You have not been given any spirit of fear.
You have been given power and authority from on high
And a sound mind,
Despite that which the enemy would like to have you believe.
I truly will never leave you, nor forsake you –
My love is everlasting
And will carry you through to eternity.
My glory will be seen and known through you, my people.
Encourage others to know of the price that was paid on Calvary.
It is by the blood of my stripes you have been healed,
And delivered.

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