I am bringing you into a new place in me

I am bringing you into a new place in me
And you are trying to understand it.
Do not try to understand it.
Trust in Me;
That I will complete that which I have started.
Know that when I prompt you,
I see what lies ahead.
These words are for you my daughter,
But not just for you.

My blood is continuing to redeem mankind;
Whenever it is taken in communion with me,
It flows –
I am the true bread from heaven to sustain you;
Unlike the manna which could not last in wilderness days.
Eat of me my people, and as you drink of the fruit of the vine,
Know that this is the new covenant in my blood
Flowing through every part of your being
And that nothing can separate you from my love
And my life-blood.
My blood has never lost its power my people –
Drink and eat with me.
Stay in close communion with me.

This is the day that I have made.
Rejoice my people and be glad in it!
Use my Word and my blood
As weapons against the enemy all around you –
And you will see my power manifest all around you.
Love with my love –
People are hungry for my love.
My glory will be seen and my glory will be known.

(John 6:30-35, 53-58)

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