Come now – There are words I need to say:

Come now – Come now – Come now – Come!
Come into my Throne-room.
There are words I need to say deep from my heart.
My people, you need to prophesy the words you hear from me.
You are to speak them boldly from me –
Push away all your fear.
This is a mandate my people!
No longer are you to hold back from passing on
The Word that has been revealed to you –
It is my revelation knowledge – my knowledge and wisdom
Which is to come forth in ways as never before.
You are to speak into nations, especially your nation,
And bring in New Life
Where there appears to be no life any more.

There is to be no more hesitation –
You are all called to speak as my Spirit prompts –
It may be to one another –
It may be to people that you meet along your way each day.
Be attuned to my voice my people
And be willing to share that which you hear
With My Authority that has been given to you.

It is the time my people
For you to rise up and be all I have called you to be!
I desire to heal your nation –
To bring in fully – restoration and revival fire.
The blood of my Son has paved the way.
Speak out the words I say! –
All for my Glory and my Glory alone.

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