Look and see what I will do

Look and see what I will do
When my people stop what they are doing
And follow me.
This is clearly seen in my Word.
Look and see what my plan is for you.
In all I do and say there is a purpose.
The promises I have made, the prophecies given –
Will all be fulfilled.
Move with my Holy Spirit;
He is now leading and guiding.
As you respond and play your part –
Putting aside your agendas and following mine,
You will see changes all around you.

It is harvest-time my people!
Do not under-estimate the power that lies within you,
Each one.
I have been preparing the harvest –
It is ripe and ready.
You also have been prepared.
Put on your armour –
Use your spiritual weapons.
Take back all the enemy has stolen
For the time now is right.
The gifts I have given you are to be used
And not put on a shelf.
Use them for my Glory! –
And then look and see and rejoice with me
As new life is imparted and souls set free.
It is the time! It is the time!
It is truly reaping time!

1 Cor.12:1-11

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