Watch and see what my Spirit is doing

Watch and see what my Spirit is doing
On the earth today.
He is as a conductor, orchestrating my plan and purpose
In these last days.
Be ready and willing to respond
When the baton he holds is pointed toward you –
He knows those whom he is preparing
For this time and age.
He knows the country in which you live;
He knows the city where you dwell.
He cares about you individually
And cares about your nation.

My people, watch and pray.
Pray with my Holy Spirit leading you;
He will bring in the changes needed each day –
And you each have different roles to play.
Enforce the victory already won by Jesus my Son –
The Christ, the anointed One.
You too have been anointed and carry my authority.
Use it wisely each one.
My Holy Spirit is moving across the face of the earth;
He knows where to point the baton.
He sees and knows your location.
The blueprint is in my hand.

Be ready to respond my people.
Do you hear my trumpet call?
As I also desire you to be for Israel,
Be watchman on your wall!

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