Come! I say – Come!

Come! I say – Come!
For those who come closer when I call
I will reveal more of myself –
I am the answer to all.
I will reveal more of who I Am
As people seek me with all their heart.
I am a just God, faithful and true –
True to all I say in my Word.
There is strategy in all I say and do
And I am bringing into being
My strategy for these last days.
The plans of men cannot prevail.
There are spiritual weapons you are to use –
Different ones for different occasions.

My glory will be revealed in you my people.
My glory will be revealed in you and through you.
Come closer now and you will hear.
Be attuned to my voice alone.
My purpose for you on the earth at this time
Will become more clear, each one.
You have been prepared for this time and age.
The Godly connections you have been experiencing –
All your Godly encounters – have been orchestrated by me,
And the times when you have felt broken
Have helped you become more humble before me.
The Spirit of the Lord now is upon you
The Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The Spirit of counsel and might,
The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

Rise up and fulfil my purpose for you.
My love and grace will be sufficient for you
As you tap into my strategy.


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