Unless the foundation on which you stand

Unless the foundation on which you stand
Has been built on solid ground,
It cannot stand strong when the shaking comes
And there will be shaking of all the nations.

Unless we stand on Christ, our Rock.
We will find all other ground is sinking sand.
He alone is our sure foundation.
He alone is the only mediator between God and man –
All other religions cannot stand the test of time –
He is The Way, The Truth and The Life
And no-one can come to the Father unless it is through Him.

My people, my people, look to my Son –
He is the answer for everyone.
You have been created to live on the earth,
To flourish and multiply –
You were created to take dominion –
Over all that we created.
What happened in the Garden of Eden
Is not just a story told –
It is part of the history of mankind on the earth –
At the beginning of its creation.
Now because of the sacrifice of my own Son,
The shedding of his blood has freed you from every curse.

Take dominion now my people –
With the Holy Spirit
Working with you, in you and through you –
Using the weapons you have been given,
Setting others free
To glorify, honour and worship me
Throughout all eternity.

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