There has been a uniting of plan and purpose

There has been a uniting of plan and purpose
From the heart of the Father.

My Glory now is more clearly being seen
As my people are moving together
In unity –
In unity of plan and purpose.
This is my heart’s desire as together you move.
There is, as it were, a Glory Train
Empowered by my Holy Spirit.
Many have heard the sound of the train
Yet it has seemed to be at a distance.
The sound now has become much clearer
And is fast approaching.

Do you hear the sound of the shofar?
Do you hear the clarion call?
It is a call to action my people!
Move together now in unity.
With one heart and one voice –
Glorify me.
As my Glory Train starts to move
There will be a clamour to get on board.
I am a supernatural God.
This Awakening will spread far and wide.
It is my revival Glory.
Be labourers in my harvest field.
The blood of my Son was not given in vain.
Take your place now
On My Glory Train!


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