Come now, come now, come now Come!

Come now, come now, come now
There has to be a time allocated
Just for me;
Otherwise we cannot really
Know true intimacy.
It is not to be a rule or regulation;
It is a discipline to keep us close.
I will call you at different times
As you, too, will call to me –
Yet without a special time laid aside,
You will find time can easily slip by
And there is a falling away
Of having communion with me each day.

Come away with me as much as you can.
Converse with me and let me hold your hand.
My Kingdom is within you
Now you are born again,
And I desire you to spend time with me
In my Kingdom of Heaven.
Come and learn the ways of heaven.
It is for you, each one, to come
Seeking my face in the heavenly realm
Where, as my Word reveals,
You have been placed together.
As you learn more of my ways in heaven,
You will be more equipped to play your part
In fulfilling my plan and purpose –
My will to be done
In earth as it is in heaven.


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