Enter into my Spirit

Enter into my Spirit –
Enter through me, your door.
Together we enter into the glory realm –
It is by my Spirit on the earth
You come.
Bringing into being those things which are not,
Creating with me
All the new things I desire to be.
Step in and out of the glory realm
For you are functioning on the earth
As well as being in heaven – in true reality.
True reality is being with me.
We are in the heavenlies -or on the earth.
Know that I am in you -and you are in me.
It is together we are to be
And together in unity you are in me,
Seated together with me and in me.
My people, just you and me, individually,
As well as of me individually, you are my Body
And I am the Head.
You are each a different part of me.
There is to be no competition.
I need you each one to stay functioning well –
Each an important part of my Body
Represented on the earth.
A body of believers – my very own
Do not be discouraged –
Recognise your need for each other
As never before – As never before.

Enter into my Word – into my Spirit – into my Glory
Into my Kingdom of Glory
The Kingdom of Heaven.
Come up! Come up!
Ascend and learn the ways of heaven – Receive!
Deep calls to deep my people.
Ascend and descend! – Ascend and descend!
Descend and bring down
My will and my ways to be brought down
And My Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.

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