It is a time of transition

It is a time of transition –
My people are being repositioned
In preparation for the coming year.

Be expectant for others
And indeed I do have plans for them.
But be expectant for yourself.
I see you individually
And I foresee the path you are to tread.
My Holy Spirit is preparing the way
For encounters you will have along the way.

New life is being imparted
And it will flow through you to others.
In this season, do not allow the world
To infiltrate your thinking.
Put on the mind of Christ;
Clothe yourself in my armour;
Cover yourself and your family
With the blood of my Son.
You are not to be robbed or intimidated
By the wiles of the enemy
At this time of transition.
Hold fast to all you will have received
In revelation through my Word.
It is by my grace and for my glory
New mantles and crowns will be released
In your year that lies ahead.

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