The truths in my Word will never recede

The truths in my Word will never recede
They will always proceed
To bring revelation into hearts and lives –
Faith comes by hearing –
And hearing by the Word of God.
My Word speaks
And my blood speaks.

I spoke to my disciples and they were to wait
For “power from on high”.
They believed my words spoken –
They received all I had promised –
They were baptised with my Holy Spirit
And with his power overflowing, they spoke.
My supernatural power was released –
Then the people passing by marvelled
When they heard the wonderful works of God
Being spoken in their different native tongues.
Faith and new life were released
Through the words that were spoken.

That same power that came upon my disciples
Now resides within you my people
Which is my Holy Spirit
And We now live within you,
Waiting to be released in word and deed –
The Glory of the Father to be clearly seen.
Death and life are in the power of the tongue” –
Choose your words more carefully.
Speak words that impart life.

Acts 2:1-11, 17-19
Proverbs 18:21

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