Some things are to be kept private

Some things are to be kept private
Until the time for release is revealed.
This happened in Daniel’s day
When my prophetic words to him were sealed.
My people, my people, my timing is always right.
I will fulfil all the promises in my Word
At the right time on my agenda
Which is known only by me.
Stay very close to me.
My Holy Spirit is revealing to you
More of my Majesty.
Take the time to reminisce.
Take the time to commune with me in intimacy.
As you partake of the bread and the fruit of the vine,
Remember my Son gave his life-blood for you
That my plan and purpose could be fulfilled on the earth,
Which is being revealed more and more as the days unfold.
He is the same as in the days of old.
Through my Holy Spirit He is revealed to you today.
He is in you and lives through you.
Endeavour to glorify Him in all you do and all you say.
He is to be given all glory and honour
As my power is released
In signs and wonders and miracles
In this day and age.

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