Authority has been given to you

Authority has been given to you –
All authority!
My people, for those of you who have been born again
By my Holy Spirit,
You have been given authority to use my Name
Which is higher than any other name,
To command principalities and powers of darkness
To bow their knee.
Every knee will bow and every tongue is to confess
That I am Lord –
Lord of all Lords and King of all kings.
You have been made joint-heirs with me.
Use wisely, my authority given to you,
And as you apply my blood,
Which has never lost its power,
You will move into the arena
Where I am moving in miracle-working power.
I ask you to submit and work with my Holy Spirit –
He represents me on the earth today –
He hears and sees and knows the will of the Father.
Each one of you is needed to fulfil your part
In my Body as the strategy of the Father
Now unfolds.

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