The 4Jesus Awakenings are happenings I bring.

The 4Jesus Awakenings are happenings I bring.
Do not look to man or woman –
I am your source, your Spring.
I am the Spring of Life;
Without me, nothing was made that was made.

My people, the healings, signs and wonders you see
All reveal my power, my supernatural power.
I may use a man or a woman
Or I may act sovereignly
In ways that man finds hard to conceive
With the human mind – yet I would have you believe
The truth of Who I Am in my Word –
Your Heavenly Father, your own Creator
And Creator of the whole universe.
The depth of my love for each of you
Is hard for you to comprehend –
But I gave my Son to die for you
That you might be free of sin and shame,
The blood of his stripes washing you clean from very stain.
The Name of Jesus is to be lifted high
And given all glory and honour

It is not by might, nor by power
But by my Spirit, my Holy Spirit,
I will accomplish my plan and purpose
In cities and nations around the world.