The joy I give you cannot be measured;

The joy I give you cannot be measured;
It is deep within.
It is your strength my people.
My love for you is very deep –
That is why I gave my Son.
My Word is full of my truth.
Whoever believes in my Son
Will not perish but have everlasting life.

My love and joy, and as well, my peace
Are to flow deep in your being
Through my Holy Spirit;
His fruit in you to be clearly seen.
My grace will continue to be sufficient
Despite what you are going through
And will continue to be.

The gifts of my Holy Spirit
Are also to flow –
With wisdom, they are to flow.
They are to reveal my power and strength –
That same power that raised my Son from the dead.
This power is to be released in this hour –
My supernatural power.
My miracles, signs and wonders fill follow
As my Word is proclaimed,
And men will be drawn to me
As you join together in unity –
The Name of Jesus lifted high –
All the glory to be given to Him
The Lord of all Lords and the King of all Kings.

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