Look to me now – Look to me –

Look to me now – Look to me –
Look only to me.
I will show you those things
That are dear to my heart.
Come closer than you have ever been before –
My arms are open wide.
How can you not see my love for you
As I draw you close to my side?
I desire you to stay close to me and walk in step with me.
Can two walk in step together unless they be agreed?
There is a rhythm to be heard in my heart-beat my people;
There is a melody –
There is a song – a love song from the heart of the Father
That is being sent to you –
It flows through my heart-beat and it flows into you.
My loving heart of compassion – my healing love
Is to be seen flowing one to another
And is to be known by those who need my love.

Reach out my people – reach out!
My compassion is to keep flowing out.
Bitterness, hatred, greed and murder
Can be stamped out.
My love is the greatest force in the universe
And can melt the heart of kings.

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