Join together now in the Spirit

Join together now in the Spirit –
It is the only way
I can fulfil my plan and purpose
On the earth in these last days.
My time clock is ticking.
My calendar is marked
And my strategy is in place.
My people, it is together you have been raised
And placed with Me and in Me
In the heavenly realm.
It is together – and no-one greater than another.

It is in my Spirit you are to flow together now
Waiting for the strategy of the Father.
My Holy Spirit will orchestrate.
Do not go ahead of Him
Or lag behind.
Do not quench Him,
And offend Him, or blaspheme Him.
In all your ways acknowledge Him –
He will direct your paths.
Together you are a mighty force
And no weapon against you shall prosper.
Use the weapons you have been given
Mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.
You have My authority –
My Name higher than any other name –
By My Word and My Blood, you will overcome the enemy.

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