There is still a battle

There is still a battle
Though I won the victory
On the cross at Calvary,
It is for you to rise up now
And enforce my victory.

My people, my people, when will you learn
To use the weapons of war you have been given?
They are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds.
They are not carnal but spiritual weapons
To be used for my glory,
It is the time for you to see
Some weapons are used simultaneously –
As you pull down a stronghold,
You thrust in the sword –
Make sure you cover with my blood
And combat hatred with my love;
The water of my Word will quench
The fiery darts of the enemy
When spoken at the time of my direction.
Listen for my strategy –
Take your thoughts captive to my thoughts
Clear in my Word.

You are my end-time army
Enforcing my victory.
With you I am well pleased.
You continue to respond to me
Through the good and difficult times.
Stay close to me.
Resist the enemy and he must flee.

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