All that you see on the earth

All that you see on the earth
Is temporal.
It has all been created by me –
Without me, nothing was made that was made,
And you have been created to glorify me.

To the best of our ability, we will glorify you
And give you honour and praise.
You are worthy of all honour and glory –
We will exalt you all of our days.
The love we have for you will never match
The love you have for us.
We exalt your holy Name, Jesus
And present ourselves afresh to you
That you may glorify yourself through us.
For all your loving care – grace and mercy,
We can’t thank you enough – Jesus!

Though all that is around you is temporal my people,
You are now in my Kingdom of Light,
And you are now seated together with me and in me
In the realm of heaven spiritually.
Because you have believed in me,
You have everlasting life.
My love will never fail you –
I will never leave you,
Nor forsake you.
Continue to value that which is eternal
More than temporal.

I give all honour to my Father
Who has honoured me
With the Name above all other names
To be lifted high for all to see.

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