Do not strive my people

Do not strive my people
Except to enter into my rest.
It is unbelief that hinders you
From entering in to my true rest.
When you are trusting in me with all your heart,
Leaning towards me and not your own understanding,
You will hear my heart-beat for you.
I am the One who knows you best
And all that will benefit you;
And as you become more whole and complete,
You can better help those that surround you.
Continue to lay all your concerns before me.
I desire to free you of every anxious thought
And for you to know my peace in your heart
And your mind.

How can the Most High God.
The Creator of the Universe,
See me, know me, and love me
And care about those things
That concern me?

Rest assured my people, I see you all individually.
And I see a much bigger picture than you could ever see.
Yet more and more I will reveal my glory
And my plan for you –
And all that surrounds you and concerns you.
You have been growing into our image –
Father, Spirit and my Son.
Function now in the gifts you have been given –
Each individually unique;
Yet you are a force to be flowing together
As my Spirit will reveal.
Do not hinder my plan and purpose
With any unbelief.

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