Be aware of the plumb-line

Be aware of the plumb-line;
It is for you to be aligned.
If you are even slightly off track,
It will be worse further down the line.

Be aware of the time-line
And the time-frame in which you live.
Your times are in my hands my people –
I created time itself.

Be aware of the blood-line –
However you were conceived.
Because of the blood my Son gave for you,
You have been washed clean and your lives made new.
Come and be close to me –
Spend that extra time with me.
When I am truly in the centre of your lives,
You will be aligned and attuned to the times.

Do not take these words lightly
For though my love will carry you through,
The times ahead will be difficult and darkening
And you will need my faith, boldness and courage
And the power of my Holy Spirit equipping you.
Allow my glory to be seen and known
Despite the circumstances that surround you.

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