It is in my holiness

It is in my holiness
I would have you live.
You are complete in me;
In you has been placed an incorruptible seed
Transforming you into my image.
From glory to glory you are being changed
By my Spirit and my Word;
And it is in my presence you will continue to be
Changed from glory to glory.
My wholeness and boldness are needed
In your lives right now
For my will to be accomplished on the earth.
You need this truth deep in your being.
My healing love will carry you through
The situations that surround you.
My healing love you can impart
To others all around you.

Be healed and whole, and then you can move
In my compassion and power.
I am the One who is bringing in
The changes I desire.
Flow with my Spirit and be used of me
In this very hour.
Seek my face like never before.
I desire to use you from shore to shore.

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