I am looking and I see

I am looking and I see
That there are many of my people still hesitant
To step into their destiny.
It is a trust issue my people
More than your own feelings of inadequacy.

Come now – look and see from a heavenly perspective.
You have been raised up to sit with me.
You are part of my kingdom,
Though on the earth physically.
Look and see – Yes, look and see!
There is so much more I would have you be in me.
There is the fullness in me where I would have you live,
And where you will flourish – even as a stately tree –
Your boughs extending high and wide –
Your roots deep in me.
My fruit will be clearly seen
And my healing – even in your leaves.

Drink deep my people –
Drink from me.
Step into your destiny.
You are the light and salt of the earth –
You have been given my authority.
My resurrection power resides in you;
Emanate my power and authority.
You are a mighty force delegated by me.
Rest in knowing all the work has been done.
Your trust is to be fully in me
Not in your own ability.

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